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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Adobe sucks my nuts

Gotta be honest. Not a big f-ing fan of adobe acrobat right now. Let me tell you about this shit. Over the last month iv noticed that PDF files havent been opening from the web, but havent really thought much about it. Well, apparently i should have.

I'v been designing Cabaret in Ivoryton this week, and iv been running a little behind schedual. Nothing to reaaaly stress about, but you know i do anyway. So i'v promised the M.E. that he will have a plot by the morning. I wrap up the plot around 1am. I go to convert this thing to PDF, and no mas...this shit aint workin.

It's critical i get this to PDF format. For one, not many people have Vectorworks just lying around, its a $3000 program specific for designer, so i cant send him that file, plus this needs to print to a 24" x 36" sheet of paper. So, a office max or a kinkos needs this to be here i am, i cant email this file, i cant print it and bring it to him myself (its an hour drive both ways mind you, i dont really want to go down there just for this)... and he absolutly needs this plot today. I stay up till 5am... no dice...i try everything...install, uninstall...i dload the newest version, install, uninstall, reboot...nothing works...acrobat crashes my computer everytime... So, out of exhaustion i take a screen shot...send him that..hoping he can make anything of it, while i figure shit out.

Morning comes and i get up, and spend 2 more hours doing a system restore, install, uninstall. no dice. Out of luck, i remember that 7 Angels has Vectorworks installed now, so i burn a copy of the new acrobat, go over there, install...and like a charm. So the plot goes off to the M.E. but the problem still remains... wtf is wrong with my copy of acrobat? why wont it work on my machine?

If anyone has any ideas let me know. the only think i can possibly thing of is between the last time i used it and now, iv installed Adobe Photoshop CS2, and maybe that fucked with some adobe file that i need...but i would assume a reinstall would take care of it... ARRRRRRG, i hate you adobe.


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