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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Terrorizes Boston!

The mooninites caused wreaked some real-life havoc today. They would have been happy.

Adult Swim, in a viral ad campaign, put up several unconventional billboards in 10 major cities. These billboards, essentially Lite-Brites in the shape of the mooninites from ATHF were placed all around cities in promotion of the new ATHF movie that comes to theatres soon.

The ads in Boston, caused quite a stir as they were reported to police as potential bombs, shutting down major highways and subway stops for hours. While of course this ad campaign went horribly wrong, and forced Timewarner to apologize, i can't help but laugh at this. While im sure some people were very concerned at these blinking moon creatures giving the finger on I-93, many 18-30 year olds were probably thinking..."i wonder if i could find a way to steal that for my living room."


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