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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Facebook > Myspace

As seen in the Facebook group "The Drinking Department has a Theatre Problem"

"My friends and I did the math, and we figured out that if we took the money our theatre department spends on alcohol and pot in just one weekend, we could end the problems in Darfur.. or at the very least, we could solve Darfur's theatre problems...

I mean, have you seen one of their productions?!...i bet they only do dumb tragically beautiful realism scenes. fuck Ibsen. fuck you too, Chekhov, while you're at it.

i'd rather get drunk than work a realism scene..."

I used to have neither Myspace, nor Friendster, nor Facebook, et all.... and then i became a Myspace whore. But with the reinstatement of my alumni Emerson email addy, i joined Facebook and discovered that its a much nicer environment than myspace.

Sure you can pimp out your myspace page, but most people do a half-assed or shitty job doing that. Pages are slow to load, or have to much going forced to listen to a crappy song as soon as certain pages load. movies will play from a comment from like 8 months ago, and i have to try to find waldo to turn them off. On top of all that, there are constant errors, and down time. Worst of all, SPAM SPAM SPAM. The spam that has taken over myspace has gotten so bad, i barley even check my account. I'v had about 100 friend requests this month...not one of them legit. I'm just happy im smart enough to not let my account be hacked.

Facebook is like the polar opposite. Its clean, formated nicely. You dont have to try to figure out which one of your friends is going by the name "StUnNa ShAdEs!!11." You are able to discover mutal friends, join groups with hilarious names, only to never view them again. And there is virtually no way to spam the site (yet.) So bravo Facebook. You're my new nerdy internet fad.


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