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Sunday, October 14, 2007

2E = Freedom

We've had a rad couple of days. We headed over to Louisa, VA to play Twin Oaks, which is a Hippie Commune in the middle of Nowheresville. This group of people are a community that shares everything from money, to clothes, to vehicles. They live as their own egalitarian society, working the same amount of hours each week, and all making the same money. It was an awesome place, and they couldnt have welcomed us better or been more friendly and hospitable. We hope to return very soon.

We had quite a set at twin oaks as well. Midway thru the second half of the night, the power grid failed and the whole commune went into a full out blackout! This led to an impromtu drum session. I held flashlights on Jeff as he grabbed a djembe, while Donny and Floyd started adding rhythm from the kit. A set of congas was brought out and the dance party in the dark commenced for some time. 2E then finished up the night with a candle/flashlight lit acoustic set.

We said out goodbyes, and hit the road. Tim, our driver sucessfully repaired the radiator hose that broke, and Omer, Donny, Jeff, Brett, and myself sat in the front and had an intelligent discussion involving the shard of wood Omer found in his Snickers bar, fried food, and of course, poop. We headed to one of my most anticipated stops on the tour Charlottesville, VA. This holds a special place in my heart as most of you know to me, because this is where the Dave Matthews Band got their start. We rolled into town early and grabbed some food, and did some chillin in the outdoor mall, and then Jeff and Jeremy did an acoustic set outside at Maya, a local restaurant. Good day...we'll spend the morning in C'ville tomorrow, then head out to Raleigh.

Theres a bit of an after-party on the bus, so im gonna go hang out...even tho im a little pissed the red sox lost tonight. bummer.


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