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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day Three

Not the most interesting of days, so ill just give y'all the rundown.

This hotel is pretty nice for its price, so i decided i would indeed be making this my home for the duration of the stay. That being said, i got a new room with a king size, and closer to the wireless hub. It...was....f-ing...HOT today. over 101 degrees. I just wasnt expecting this humidity with the heat, and i was remembering how much i appreciate A/C.

Before Paul left he took me to the airport and i rented a car. Of course, all they had left were mini-vans, so im pimping Omaha in a fly Dodge Grand Caravan.... awwww yeeaaaah. I headed down to Old Market section of Omaha. This is a cool like area that has a lot of neat little shops, delicious restaurants, and art gallery's. I met up with Whitcotton for a freaking amazing lunch, and we chatted about the Beatles show (cant wait to see it tomorrow.) After a quick trip to a Walgreens (thanks GPS!) iv been here at the hotel the rest of the day doing 2E work. (big and awesome week comin up.) More interesting entry tomorrow, im pretty tired.


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