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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Where did the week go?

I wish i could hook you in and tell you this will be the most exciting blog entry you've read yet... you know what... to hell with it.

This will be the most exciting blog entry yet.*

This has been a week that has just flew by, but dragged at the same time. It's weird, because, i love my job. seriously, i love it. I get to do, for a living, what i went to school to learn to do. How many people do i know that absolutely hate what they are doing, working outside (no where near, really) their field. Here i am, an entertainment electrician, a lighting designer.... i have a cool job. But just like any other job, there are things that i hate about it, and there's always things to complain about. But there is this weird phenomenon when it comes to be me working. I'll either be really gung-ho about working one day, or ill just want to go the F home all day long.

I'v been at Hartford stage all week. We did 8 hours days for the whole week, and while thats not very long to most of you, you have to remember were doing 8 hours of physical manual labor... it takes it's toll. I bench focused about 150 lights, which doesnt mean much to you, but im essentially lifting a 15 lb light over my head twice, over and over, for hours and hours... man have i been sore!

As i said, sometimes i just keep looking at my watch and seeing that only a half hour has gone by since last i checked, and i just want to go home and sit on my couch. But sometimes when i work, i just want to get stuff done, fast and efficiently, and i start thinking about other things in my life that i need to get done. Sometimes working motivates me to get other stuff done, just because im being so productive. I guess the key is, i need to get into the mindset that i feel like that all the time, so i can just be really productive with my business. This week, on one of those productive days, 8 hours zipped by, and i went to the bank, made some phone calls, returned some emails, and sat down and designed a little bit more of 42nd Street. But one of my slow days, i just went home, sat on my couch and chatted on AIM till 2am doing nothing.

One thing is for sure, iv taken the next step. i recognize when i in a productive mood, so i constantly have lists of things that i need to get done, so that i dont waste time thinking about it.

In other news, i can not wait to get on with this road trip to Nebraska. its gonna be hell of fun, and then i get to see my niece in sunny San Diego. I hope to see Kyle out there too, with maybe a side trip into LA. Also Brett returns to CT this weekend from New Hampshire, so im sure ill be blogging about our awesome adventures in the Dirty Water and surrounding areas.

Keep me bookmarked cause im planning on blogging every day of my 2 week vacation all over the country. Till then. Seacrest out.

* i lied. this was not very interesting huh?


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