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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Just Call Me Uncle Bryan!

June 14th 2007!

My niece Autumn Sierra Rist came into the world on Thursday, and i couldn't be more psyched. She is absolutely adorable. My sister is doing fine, and the whole family is abuzz. Funny story actually. Most of you know my sister lives in San Diego, so i called her Thursday, around 9
pm Eastern to say hello, see how she was doing, etc. Well, we got to talking about my planning my trip to come out there, and i told her, a lot of it depended on when the baby was born, to which i add "Aim, come on, lets get this show on the road, im trying to plan a trip here." We both laughed, and finished our conversation. She went into labor 4 hours later. How awesome is that?

So i'm heading out there next month, towards the end o
f the month to meet my baby niece, and my new brother-in-law Thomas. I'm super excited.

In other news. Buddy! ended its run last week amid many tears and goodbyes. For the hell on earth
we endured to get the show up and running, i can say without a shadow of a doubt that this was the best show i'v ever worked on. I've never worked with a greater cast, and i'm missing all of them already. The music from this show was just fantastic, not just the fact that it's Buddy Holly. The actors all played their own instruments during the show, most of them multiple instruments... and let me tell you, did they ever sound incredible. There wasn't one show where the audience wasnt on their feet at the end, dancing in the aisles. The show ran very successfully for 6 weeks, nearly selling out for all the weekend performances, and i got some killer pictures for my portfolio. The lead, Billy, is actually returning to Waterbury in February to do a Beatles show that he wrote, and i get to design which i'm very excited about. So excited in fact that, i leave the 14th of next month to drive to Omaha where he lives to see the show!

Yep, its my cross country road trip. My cousin
(who is driving to Seattle to relocate for work) and i will be driving to Omaha, with a pit stop in Detroit. From there, i'll hitch a plane to Portland to visit my buddy Rob for a couple days, then head down to San Diego, followed by home, only to jump in my car and drive down to Pittsburgh for my good friend Dave's wedding. ::whew:: I'm predicting one hell of a time! If only i had a date to this wedding. i'll keep hunting.

Other than that, im just livin the dream.


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