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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

La La La La Life.

So, im sitting here on my back deck, in the most beautiful of weather just taking it all in.

A couple days ago, a person whom i greatly admire, updated his blog for the first time in about a month and i was really inspired by what he wrote. So, im taking a page from his book, and im just sitting out here, taking in the sounds, taking in the breeze, and taking in life. There's some chicken cooking on the grill, the red sox are winning in the other room, but what could be better than just relaxing in my own environment.

I feel like for the first time in awhile, things are going really well, and i have some great things to look forward to on the horizon. I think that maybe in the last couple months iv crossed another line in my life where i won't have to go back. like a save point in a video game, i feel like iv become a little more independent, and a little more aware of the world around me. i hope good things are around the corner for me, but im ready for anything that gets thrown my way. But for now. i think im just gonna take it all in out here.


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