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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day One

So, it begins.

I'm sitting here at 12:09am on July 16th. As anyone who knows me will understand, this is prime hour for me on any normal day. I'm someone who loves the night, loves the dark, loves to come home as the sun is coming up. I revel in the nightlife, and the effect that going out with the people you love till the wee hours can have on a person. That being said, i am tired.


Today was day one, on the trek halfway across the US to Omaha, NE. The thing about love trips is that you love them and you hate them, and you also can love to hate them. I'm wicked excited this journey is happening, and i have been excited about it for months. I'v never made such a long drive before, and besides fly completely to the other coast (Cali, and Washington), iv never been more west than Pennsylvania. Iv been looking forward to driving through states and cities that have no choice but to be a rich experience to me.

First reaction to all but two people who i told i was driving to Nebraska was "....oh god, why?" My reaction being "isn't that awesome?!" There's something enlightening and accomplished about making a trip like this, and seeing as much of the country that we live in as can be seen. There is so much i don't know about the Midwest, and places that should absolutely be visited. I have no doubt Omaha is going to be one hoppin town.

Currently i sit on a fold out couch in Detroit. My cousin and i departed the great state of Connecticut at about 9am on our way to our various destinations (he's dropping me in Omaha on his way to Seattle.) Knowing we were going to stay in Detroit for the night, our route took us through upstate NY and to Niagra Falls. This was my first visit to the falls, and they were gorgeous. The sheer amount of water that moves through there is staggering. What i wasnt crayz about in Niagra Falls was just the tourist trap part of it. You just stare at the falls, and its amazing, and beautiful, and then turn around 180 and your looking at gawdy kitch. We had precious time to spare, so after a could quick pics, we were back on the road. Oh...hold on, cant go on without mentioning customs. We got grilled by the hottest customs officer ever. She asked us a billion questions... more than expected. it was exciting a in a weird way. I'd also like to mention that this broke my Canada virginity bubble, and i can offically add this country to the Places Iv Been application on Facebook.

I wish could say the rest of the trip so far has been super fun and exciting, but its been just long empty roads all the way to Detroit, with limited cell service in Canada. This is why you can love these trips and hate them, because as great as the prospect of travel and seeing the country can be, its never fun to be in a jam packed car for 12+ hours a day. I have to say tho, today didnt really get me too stir crazy...we'll see how tomorrow treats me.

Talk to y'all tomorrow

Day One:
Points of Interest: Niagara Falls, Canada!!, that rest stop with the Arby's, Detroit
Miles Traveled: 710


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