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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Goodbye Baby.

We couldnt have been more sad to leave our dear friends in St. Louis last night. Amber, Roger, Tim, all the guys from the Schwag, Ciceros, and Park, we are gonna miss you guys.

The day started out with yet another encounter with Local police waking me up and tellign me (albeit extremely nicely) that we would have to be moving our bus soon. We headed back downtown and Brett and I headed over to Panera, our now usual Wifi location. This is where i discovered that we had been chosen as a Featured Artist by Reverb Nation. Brett went off an got her hair cut in this killer new style, all in all, some great work got done.

Park West Grille was a fun last night on the town. We set up our full PA, and had some stellar sound for an amazing two hour set that included some tunes we hadn't heard before, some extended jams, bartender Tim guesting on Harmonica to an impromptu cover of Sex Machine. The whole gang at Park West was so hospitable to us all, and we had an fantastic time. We somberly said our goodbyes to all, and loaded on the bus, only to wake up in Louisville, KY.

We were fortunate that the Walmart that we parked in for the night in Louisville was right next to a Panera, and we had internet on the bus itself for most of the day today. We rolled down to the Local YMCA where i convinced them to let us all shower for free instead of everyone springing for a room at the Holiday Inn.

From there we headed over to The Phoenix Hill Tavern. Man, what a cool room. It was audition night, where basically your being watched by the staff of the bar, and they decided if they want you to come back for a full out show...and of course, we had them at hello. The bar is pretty rad in and of itself. It was a genuine old fashioned 1800's saloon back in the day, and now it has all these cool spaces for shows. We are looking forward to returning and playing a packed show. We're finally all loaded on the bus now and out for our 10 hour drive to Washington, DC, and then back home for a few days of rest. Its after 4am, so... night all.

Number of States Visited: 4
Brett blackout shade slams: 7
Bryan blackout shade slams: 3


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