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Monday, October 01, 2007

On to St. Louis

Today was our day off and we spent it at Schwagstock. About an hour ago we crossed back over to the land of cell phone service and all discovered that we had about 10 voicemails, and a bountiful amount of text messages from friends and loved ones wondering where in gods name we were all weekend. It was a pretty sweet day, we just hung out…ate good food, and hung out by the creek. While there we were visited by a mermaid, also known as a fully naked hippie chick that just waded over to us and gave Brett some flowers for her hair. While Brett and Donny swam, Jeremy and I started skipping rocks on the creek. They have some amazing rocks by the water, unlike rocks we have on the east. They are shale, or porous. Brett found an arrowhead, that probably hasn’t been seen in hundreds of years and was last touched by a an Indian hunting. The night stayed very warm, and we enjoyed a special acoustic show from some of the performers that hung around.

Oh. Jeff lost his bet to me. On Thursday we bet that he couldn’t eat exclusively healthy food for a whole week. He tossed back some bacon today, so I win 20 bucks. We’re on our way to St. Louis for 2 shows. Should have some wifi tomorrow, so all three of these blogs will get posted at once. Brett is now antagonizing me because I can’t guess what song she’s listening to on her iPod. I know what song ill be listening to in a minute though, my glorious white noise track. I seem to be getting the best nights sleep on this bus. No complains here. G’Night.

States Visited: 3
Times Brett has slamed her blackout curtain on me: 5
Times I’v slammed it on her: 1


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