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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Day One.

Its quarter after six in the morning.

I write you from my rack at the back of the tour bus. I don’t actually know when this will really get posted. Tonight was the first night we had internet since the tour began, and I don’t know when ill get it again to have a chance to post this. If I had gotten my ass in gear, I could have written a short blog already, but you know me.

We played Chicago tonight, to a pitifully unresponsive crowd. Luckily we had a few fans in the crowd that made the night worth it for us. You never can really tell how a crowd is going to react to the band, sometimes the small crowds you think are gonna suck are the best. But lets rewind for a moment.

We start this tour on Thursday morning at 6am. I stood in my living room and looked around, making sure I had absolutely everything I needed. I look at Brett and said…lets go on tour. Seven hours later, we had finally picked up the whole band from all over the state of Connecticut, and had all the gear on the bus. We then proceeded to drive to Pittsburgh, PA. Pittsburgh is one of those city’s that everyone knows, but doesn’t realize how much it sucks. There’s really nothing to do in Pittsburgh, and to be honest, its not really a very nice city.

We had our first crazy bus experience as we pulled down a street and approached a bridge which I quickly realized we were not going to fit under. Flash to me running up the street and informing a cop that was directing traffic that we were about to back up and turn around on this very narrow road with an unusual amount of traffic for 9:30pm. Tim our bus driver was a fucking champ though and turned that thing around like a pro. The Town Tavern was just like the Town Tavern in NYC. Very hospitable to us. A decent room to play. But a crowd that just didn’t care. Highlight of the night: Wee Man from MTV’s Jackass was at the bar… no shit. We ended the night we many shots and drinks. As most of the band filtered off to sleep, I stayed up until we reached a gas station to fill up the fuel tank. This is the part where we get locked outside of the bus, so pay attention.

Basically our door is broken. The whole way to Pittsburgh, every 5 minutes its comes ajar and someone has to get up and slam it shut. Very annoying. We’ll because its just Tim that night driving while were all asleep, I rig the door so that its tight and wont open while he drives….so tight that its nearly impossible to get the door open when you want to get out. As we step off the bus, I walk towards the booth to pay, when I hear that horrifying sound of the bus door shutting. I froze and turned around slowly… Tim had accidentally shut the door. It was not going to reopen. After borrowing a wrench, 30 minutes, and a badly mangled door later, we were back on the bus, and I was asleep by 4:30am.

Chicago found us a much better room, and a much better setup, but not too much better of a crowd. Jeff and the guys just had fun with it though, throwing in some new covers, and just having fun with the set.

We did the after party on the bus, and that where you find me now, finally back on the road, very tired. Goodnight.

States Visited: 2
Times Brett has Slamed Her blackout Curtain on me: 3


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