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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blogity Blog

St. Louis is awesome. Seriously. Awesome. Cicero’s has been our smallest, but best crowd yet. Jeff and guys played probably the best set they have ever played as band. They were tight, the set list was solid. Brilliant. The day started off right. I woke up and was literally in a walmart 5 minutes later shopping. I bought some essentials, some food, and some shit for the bus, and we were off. We headed right downtown where we hunted for Wifi. We eventually settled at St. Louis Bread Company, which is really just a Panera in disguise. Brett and I were there all day using the Wifi, while the rest of the band did some wandering. We ran in to Amber who we met at Schwagstock, and she hooked us up with not only some free grub, but also a shower.

I sent our driver Tim on a search for a dump station and some maintenance for the bus. 1 out of 2 got done, but the important one, the dumping thank god took the priority. It was discovered on this venture that the sewage had overflowed and that is why the front lounge has this awful ammonia and piss smell to it. We’ll have to take care of that tomorrow. We hit up a radio interview in the afternoon, then opening for the Swag later on here in St. Louie. The guys should be back any minute from the bar to wake me and Brett up, so I better settle in.

Peace and Love in St. Lou.

States Visited: 3
Times Brett has slammed her blackout shade on me: 7


At 10/02/2007 11:33 PM, Blogger Marie said...

so, the Red Door will not be the same without you and Brett... we forgot that today is tuesday, and had john not called us at 9:10 to inform us, we would not have known. instead, we, being the married couple that we are, were out at the Big Y buying our weight in canned cat food and produce. so even though your home away from home might smell like ammonia & piss, at least it's more exciting that what we all have going on here. keep up the posting so that i can live vicariously through you guys!!!


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