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Monday, October 15, 2007

Down Time with Ruben

We had the day off today.

We spent the afternoon in C'ville again. I finally got to stand in the famous Miller's, where Dave Matthews began playing guitar while bartending and bought a shirt as a souvenir. We walked all the way down to the C'Ville arena and wrote on the chalk graffiti wall that stands outside the entrance. After some food, we headed back to the bus with intentions of heading to Raleigh, NC. Our bus has been having some trouble with a leaky radiator hose, and about 4 hours into the trip, we began to have a little more trouble with it than we liked, so now we are camped at a truck stop waiting till 7am when they will be able to fix our truck.

I've been in a bit of a lousy mood all day for no obvious reason. I'm looking to push my mind thru some crap so i can get out of this weird mood. For the most part today, i confined myself to my bunk and did some work on my laptop, listened to some music, and mostly just lay down and pondered things. It was actually some good me time i suppose, whether or not i got anywhere.

A short while ago, at the truck stop we saw another tour bus pull in, and came to discover it was part of the traveling American Idol tour, and Ruben Studdard was on board. He came over and gave us a quick hello before embarking back on the road, and for that i put into the world that he seems like a genuinely nice guy.

I think ill either watch some West Wing, or go right to sleep... 7am is going to come mighty early.


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