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Friday, October 19, 2007

flatter than a Kansas Cornfield.

Well, we made it.

28 hours later, we have arrived in the Mile High City, to chilly temperature, wrong venue addresses and Quixote's True Blue. This is Greatful Dead bar. When i say Greatful Dead bar i mean, seriously.... the only music playing over the house system is the Dead...they have hundreds of Dead posters, backstage passes, photos, drawings, ....everything...all over. its nuts. The stage even has a rug donning the giant lighting bolt, and they have a Dead beer on tap.

We did not play any Dead tunes however, we stuck with our own stuff, and left them wanting more. Aesop Rock played next door to us, and a bunch of the gang had the chance to poke their heads in and check out that show as well.

Earlier in the day the bush league band and myself were able to witness Brett and Jeff try to sprint to the horizon through a cactus field, wind conditions that were just plain silly (causing Tuohy to remark 'if i was wet and naked, id be really pissed off right now'), a tractor trailer truck on stilts, and of course the flattest land that lasts forever you can ever imagine.

We'll be in the Denver area for the next couple days, then we head to Idaho. While the locals think its 2am... my body is convinced its 5... i'm crashing.. Buona notte


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