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Thursday, October 18, 2007

i woke up in Illinois

It's a rare early blog entry. Today has been a travel day. Usually you see my blog updates coming in the wee hours because i write them after gigs, before bed. We left Atlanta last nite, and i woke up almost 12 hours later in Illinois. We've been on the move all day trying to reach Colorado by nightfall tomorrow. Everyone is in the front lounge watching a documentary on the Dandy in a bit of a mood again, and didnt want to drag anyone else into it.

The best part of the day has been our return to St. Louis!! Amber was waiting for us jumping for excitment in the parking lot. We filled our bellies up with Panera, got an awesome shower, and have been back on the road ever since. Fun Fact: i haven't used the bathroom on the bus in days. i am not contributing to the black water tank at no one look at me when it starts to get narsty.

Not a whole lot else to report. I'll let you know how the snow is in Denver.


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