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Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Weekend in the Pacific Northwest..

So we barreled on thru to Seattle, WA.

I awoke for the 3rd time on Tuesday (long story) and stumbled out into the front lounge of the bus and a truly amazing thing happened. In the about 6 seconds i looked around...with no road signs, or distinguishing landscape features, i knew exactly where we were in Washington State.... my favorite place in the US so far.... The Gorge. I excitedly told Tim our driver to pull over at exit 139, and we got out to take some pictures at the scenic overlook that im oh so familiar with. It was pretty awesome to be there not during DMB tour season, with non-DMB people. Not to mention it felt pretty awesome recognize where we were, having only been out there 4 times in my life. After about a half hour, we continued in to Seattle.

We arrived on a be-a-u-tiful day, and met up with my cousin Paul who was kind enough to let us mooch a couple showers off of his awesome apartment in the sky. After some Thai food, we hit up the venue and 2E+BLB (thats Tuohy plus Bush League Band from now on) played a great show at the Central Saloon.

The Central is a great bar with a rich history...bands like Nirvana and Alice and Chains have graced their stage, and it was a real honor to rock the house in there. It was also one of our biggest merch nights ever...selling CDs and T-shirts to more than a quarter of the crowd.

Our gigs have just been getting better and better, both in quality and crowd. No matter how many people the guys play to, by the end, everyone is out of their seat cheering and dancing and wanting more.

We stuck around in Seattle that night and woke to rain (the true Seattle experience). After some quick showers at a friends place, and of course a bit stop at Starbucks, we said goodbye to the Grunge capital of the world and hit the road for Portland, OR.

Portland was a much anticipated town for me, iv heard nothing but great things about the city, its nightlife, and its music scene, and i must say i was not disappointed. Just driving in and looking at the skyline, i knew it was the kinda place i could definitely adding it to my short list of places i want to relocate to within the next 2 years.

We opened the show for Singer/Songwriter Debra Arlyn who kicked some major ass at the Buffalo Gap. Debra and Jeff sang a couple tunes together to boot which really turned out to be some crowd-pleasers. When y'all get a chance, make sure you check out her music, its a great big thumbs up from me. We had to duck out early as we have a massive 15 hour trip to Los Angeles ahead of us. We are both psyched and nervous for our show tomorrow night at The Gig-Hollywood. It's gonna be a hell of a show.


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