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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Intentions are not wicked, don't be tricked into thinking so.

Life on the road is not for everyone. Its something that is not easy to adjust to, and not easy to do for long periods of time. The hours are crazy, the stress is high, its fast, furious, and can take its toll. At the same time, this is a life that fits some people like a glove, they live it, they love it. For me, life on the road thus far as been like OJ's glove... it looked like it didn't fit, but come on.... we all know.

This tour would be a lot harder on everyone if we didnt have this tour bus. While its only 40 feet long, that goes a long way in being able to be in a different area than other people. The bunks however is where it really pays. This tour has been a tough one for me, as i have a lot on my plate and my mind. I come to my bunk, and shut my blackout shade to be alone. When i dont want the world to see me, i can retreat. This privacy can be a godsend, but also can be a way to stew in the thoughts that made you want to be alone in the first place and drive you crazy. Its a balance that i havent quite found yet. Until i do, i guess, ill just keep coming here to be alone with my thoughts, whether they drive me nuts or not.

Yesterday was a pretty cool day. We drove up into the Rockies ...literally. You know those long winding, zig-zag roads you see in the movies that get higher and higher to snow capped peaks, and breath-taking hillsides? Well thats what we did on our way to Winter Park, CO. Every few miles or so, we would pull over to let our bus cool down as it was overheating on its strenuous climb. Winter Park is a cool little town. We instantly knew the room we were playing would be a fun show. It was a perfect atmosphere to let Tuohy unleash his magic. Upon disembarking from the bus, i threw a snowball at Brett, which was a kick to do mid-October and as i mused at this i did not see the retaliation snowball coming...

We were down our bassist Floyd that night and Jeremy, our guitarist stepped in and played some bass grooves as Jeff rocked the mic hard. The show was a roaring success with people proclaiming that we were the best band that had ever played there. of course we were.... we're Jeff Tuohy and the Bush League band...we're taking over the world.

I awoke this morning to my ears popping every 10 minutes as we descended back into Denver. Best topic of conversation on the bus today: i quizzed everyone to see if they could name all 14 punctuation marks in the English language... as a group they got 13... impressive (braces, if your wondering.) We did a few errands before making out way to the Highland Pacific, a little bar where we played a bit of a stripped down acoustic set.

Right before the show Brett asked me what my coolest vacation was, and i recanted my first trip to the Gorge in Washington... it made me feel good talking about that really changed my life, and i loved telling her about all the great things that happened, and the way it changed my perspective on everything. I think fondly of that trip often, but rarely ever talk about it to anyone.

Currently we are heading to Moscow, ID...where i expect they take their potatoes seriously, and would not respond kindly to any french fry jokes. We make this journey via Yellowstone National Park, which frankly im shitting Frisbees to see. I'll leave you all now so that i can fall asleep to the hum of the generator, the sound of wind whipping around the bus...rain on the roof (i love the sound of rain) and the numerous bumps of the road of which i have so quickly adapted that they now put me to sleep just as fast as if we wern't moving at all. Life on the road, its like no other.

not all who wander are lost.


At 10/21/2007 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I so wish I was there with my camera!


At 10/21/2007 3:25 PM, Anonymous GR said...

Really enjoyed that! Really.


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