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Sunday, November 04, 2007

The women in Austin are slammin.

The people of Taos, New Mexico have no socks left. Jeff Tuohy and the Bush League Band rocked them off.

New Mexico was fun, and Taos loved the guys. We had a great time at the wonderful Taos Inn. They put us up in a suite for a couple nights which was a nice change from our prison issue mattresses on the tour bus. While our stage was small, our presence was mighty. A buzz filtered around the small town after our wednesday night show, and after a brief furlow in Albuquerque (which i will always know how to spell now) our friday night show in Taos was standing room only. We set our tour record for merch with 15 CDs sold, and we told by the staff that we could come back any time we wanted.

Tonight we played Momo's in Austin Texas where we drew more than the band that headlined the night.... we rule. We popped over to Antone's and got to hang out with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band who has just wrapped up their show. I shit you not, i saw their horn player hold a flugelhorn note for a solid 10 minutes by using circular breathing. We're spending the day here in Austin tomorrow (im gonna go searching for the Hot Chick factory that im sure has to be around here somewhere). Im pretty beat right now, sorry, no pics tonight.


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