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Monday, November 12, 2007

im sorry if im offending anyone, but i really do not enjoy Alabama. I wasnt looking forward to it in the first place, but lets list off a few things that have accelerated my current point of view on the 22nd state to join the Union.

1. It was a lame scenery for the 11 hour drive it took to get here.
2. We got screwed out of our guaranteed money..
3. Our 2nd gig for tomorrow night was canceled.
4. Despite what you disillusioned people from the Northeast may think, its pretty cold here.
5. Yet another place that you can smoke in bars.

ok, im stretching now, but you get my point. I think its only fair that i flip this around and list some good things.

1. We're picking up Amber Starr tomorrow!
2. The room we played was pretty cool.
3. The sound tonight was stellar
4. We're a little closer to home.

All in all tho, i cant wait to get the flapjacks out of Alabama. Our next gig is in North Carolina where ill be meeting with my best friend Matt who may as well be my brother. Im stoked to see him, and i shall set my sights on that, and then home.

Current Bus Count: 10 People
id rather be in Georgia.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


We've spent the weekend in New Smynra Beach (which is essentially Daytona) and have had ourselves quite a time. Before we ended the hurricane friendly state of Florida we picked up our new friend Shannon in Auburn, AL, bringing our bus total to 9. We arrived in FLA to an absolutely gorgeous condo literally sitting yards from the beach. Let the drinking begin. As i watched 2e+BLB play shots and beer was a-flowin. Needless to say, leaving the bar into the next morning is a bit hazy for told we all just stumbled back, and Shannon was nice enough to see to it i found my bed.

The next morning i awoke to beer cans opening, wine being poured, shots being taken. I knew it was going to be a good day. You can't drink all day if you dont start early right? We hit the beach bar, and toasted to many things, and we hit the gig in style. More beer was had, more fun times. At about 4am, some of us went out to the beach and i ended up in the Atlantic ocean in my boxers. This is my life. im livin the dream.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Naw-Leans (I didnt go)

This is what happens when i write blogs late at toooo tired to write anything fun. Not that theres much to report. Louisiana loved us... we played the Green Bean, and then got ourselves an impromtu show the next night at the Cate Street Pub. We are in Auburn, Alabama now. A little over a week until we're home! More later tonight maybe.


Sunday, November 04, 2007

The women in Austin are slammin.

The people of Taos, New Mexico have no socks left. Jeff Tuohy and the Bush League Band rocked them off.

New Mexico was fun, and Taos loved the guys. We had a great time at the wonderful Taos Inn. They put us up in a suite for a couple nights which was a nice change from our prison issue mattresses on the tour bus. While our stage was small, our presence was mighty. A buzz filtered around the small town after our wednesday night show, and after a brief furlow in Albuquerque (which i will always know how to spell now) our friday night show in Taos was standing room only. We set our tour record for merch with 15 CDs sold, and we told by the staff that we could come back any time we wanted.

Tonight we played Momo's in Austin Texas where we drew more than the band that headlined the night.... we rule. We popped over to Antone's and got to hang out with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band who has just wrapped up their show. I shit you not, i saw their horn player hold a flugelhorn note for a solid 10 minutes by using circular breathing. We're spending the day here in Austin tomorrow (im gonna go searching for the Hot Chick factory that im sure has to be around here somewhere). Im pretty beat right now, sorry, no pics tonight.