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Saturday, June 30, 2007

iPhone nightmare, day one.

Instead of writing the blog i thought id be writing tonight, about how great the iPhone is and how well its working, all i can relay is the nightmare its been so far.

How is the phone working? i have no idea. its not activated.

upon trying to activate, itunes informed me that AT&T had determined iphone wouldn't work under current cell phone service...however since activation had been started, AT&T DE-activated my previous phone.) When i called my phone from a land line, i was shocked to hear a teenage girl answer. She had just bought a pre-loaded phone that day. Yes folks, the number that iv had for the better part of a decade, that every business contact iv ever made has, was no being rerouted to a teenage girl, very frustrated that she kept getting calls for me.

After over 3 hours on the phone ripping AT&T and Apple new one because no one could figure out what was wrong (although, Apple was the most helpful at actually trying to determine what was wrong) FINALLY someone at AT&T realized that my phone was originally activated when i was a freshman in high school as a business account through my mothers business, and had never switched over to an individual account. iPhone currently isnt supported for a business account, and that's why it wouldn't let me activate.

Now had someone told me that at 6pm. I could have cleared it up instantly. But, since no one bothered to notice this until well past midnight, the business office that could fix it was closed, and would not be reopening until Monday. After a bit of a panic attack with the lady on the phone, she discovered that the office would be open tomorrow at 9am, and i simply would have to get it changed, and then it would activate no problem. We shall see.... but as of right now, i am phone less.

the really sad part, is everyone is barraging me with "I TOLD YOU SO!"'s but it really has nothing to do with the iphone not working properly.... the phone itself looks pretty awesome, i just can't do a thing with it yet.... This is really AT&T totally f-ing up big time. I'll be looking for some free months of service for this error.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

La La La La Life.

So, im sitting here on my back deck, in the most beautiful of weather just taking it all in.

A couple days ago, a person whom i greatly admire, updated his blog for the first time in about a month and i was really inspired by what he wrote. So, im taking a page from his book, and im just sitting out here, taking in the sounds, taking in the breeze, and taking in life. There's some chicken cooking on the grill, the red sox are winning in the other room, but what could be better than just relaxing in my own environment.

I feel like for the first time in awhile, things are going really well, and i have some great things to look forward to on the horizon. I think that maybe in the last couple months iv crossed another line in my life where i won't have to go back. like a save point in a video game, i feel like iv become a little more independent, and a little more aware of the world around me. i hope good things are around the corner for me, but im ready for anything that gets thrown my way. But for now. i think im just gonna take it all in out here.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Just Call Me Uncle Bryan!

June 14th 2007!

My niece Autumn Sierra Rist came into the world on Thursday, and i couldn't be more psyched. She is absolutely adorable. My sister is doing fine, and the whole family is abuzz. Funny story actually. Most of you know my sister lives in San Diego, so i called her Thursday, around 9
pm Eastern to say hello, see how she was doing, etc. Well, we got to talking about my planning my trip to come out there, and i told her, a lot of it depended on when the baby was born, to which i add "Aim, come on, lets get this show on the road, im trying to plan a trip here." We both laughed, and finished our conversation. She went into labor 4 hours later. How awesome is that?

So i'm heading out there next month, towards the end o
f the month to meet my baby niece, and my new brother-in-law Thomas. I'm super excited.

In other news. Buddy! ended its run last week amid many tears and goodbyes. For the hell on earth
we endured to get the show up and running, i can say without a shadow of a doubt that this was the best show i'v ever worked on. I've never worked with a greater cast, and i'm missing all of them already. The music from this show was just fantastic, not just the fact that it's Buddy Holly. The actors all played their own instruments during the show, most of them multiple instruments... and let me tell you, did they ever sound incredible. There wasn't one show where the audience wasnt on their feet at the end, dancing in the aisles. The show ran very successfully for 6 weeks, nearly selling out for all the weekend performances, and i got some killer pictures for my portfolio. The lead, Billy, is actually returning to Waterbury in February to do a Beatles show that he wrote, and i get to design which i'm very excited about. So excited in fact that, i leave the 14th of next month to drive to Omaha where he lives to see the show!

Yep, its my cross country road trip. My cousin
(who is driving to Seattle to relocate for work) and i will be driving to Omaha, with a pit stop in Detroit. From there, i'll hitch a plane to Portland to visit my buddy Rob for a couple days, then head down to San Diego, followed by home, only to jump in my car and drive down to Pittsburgh for my good friend Dave's wedding. ::whew:: I'm predicting one hell of a time! If only i had a date to this wedding. i'll keep hunting.

Other than that, im just livin the dream.