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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Back up from the rabbit hole.

Its weird not worrying where the bus was parked and when we have to be on the road.

Its been a couple weeks since we've arrived back home from the tour. All in all, it was a huge success. Lets recap.

Having left the hole of state that was Alabama, we arrived in North Carolina some days early. We explored Black Mountain, and all its majesty for the next few very cold days, and we saw our first snow on the east coast. Jeff took us all out on the first night, and we had a grand (read very inebriated) night at the i already cant remember the name of the place.

What i do remember is we had a great time, especially when Floyd, Jeremy, Donny and I began to have a heated dispute on the rules of darts, and who may have been cheating. (read floyd was cheating) Amber Starr was running around tagging people with stars, and we all eventually retired as the bar closed. The next day Floyd, Brett and I prepared for that evenings Open Mic by re-writing the lyrics to Sit Tight, one of Jeff's tunes. We performed it that night to the delight, of pretty much just the 9 of us, but it was totally worth it. its all on video.

The next night was our big show. Matt showed up during the day, and it was great to see him again. At our first set break, Floyd presented us with trophies for our dart game... the show was great, we said our goodbyes, packed up our gear, and hit the road. Our NYC having been canceled, we were on our way home. at last.

Fast forward to HOME! It felt good to sleep in my own bed, and be in my own house again. And while, it only took me 2 days to miss being on the road, its nice to have a little break. We played a Welcome Home show at Seven Angels to great success, and now we are looking ahead to the future. New album, mini tour in January (we're going to Slamdance Film Festival!) and bigger and better things to follow. My blogs will for the time being go back to just my regular rants and daily events....hope you all enjoyed the tour section of the blog.... it will return in January.