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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

When i say Sake, you say bomb.

Marathon Driving.

This is how touring goes in the early years. Gigs are never an hour apart from each other. Your tour map resembles a sadistic game of twister, and most of your time, as a tour manager, is spent staring at your cell phone and calculating how much time is left before you're sposta be at your gig. My new pastime is looking at a highway sign for a town that we're driving by and google map-ing it to our destination. 600 miles left. 500 miles left. ad nausium.

We departed Portland at 11pm on Wednesday, knowing we were in for a ride. We would be traveling to Los Angeles, just shy of 1,000 miles. We needed to be there by 7:30pm.... 20 hours to make the 18 hour drive. When i awoke, we were somewhere near Sacramento, and i was happy because no one had woken me up at an Agriculture checkpoint upon entering Cali. This was a point of interest to me because we were traveling on expired license plates, as well as a dog, and lots of food, all potential problems if we were stopped. Having made it without issue into the state, i decided the day was going well. Tim our driver was a trooper, only sleeping an hour an a half the whole time. Things were going right on track up until about 2 hours to go. Our bus, which had been running thru the California heat for about 18 hours decided it was tired, and began to overheat every 5 miles or so.... this could be bad.

Google Maps... Cell Phone... Google Maps... Cell Phone.

With 40 minutes before we were due to arrive, we were still 90 miles out. I called the venue to let them know we were "almost there." And i had the guys start bringing their gear out to the front lounge of the bus... any time we could spare. Long story short (too late, i know) we didnt make it to our destination until about 5 minutes before we were supposed to play. Furiously we set up, and lost only 15 minutes of our set time. Congrats was due. We made it to the City of Angels in one piece.

Highlight of the night: After our gig was over, an entourage of people came back to check out our bus... somewhere in the mix, a tranny found her way on to our sweet ride, and began asking if anyone would like any choice sexual acts performed on them. We persuaded her off the bus, but things escalated when she began yelling at Jeff's Pit Bull puppy Izzie. Words were had, spit flew through the air, cops were called. This all of course peeked when the tranny yelled "Suck my pussy!" to which Jeff retorted "are you sure it's not a dick" to which she dropped trou to let us all see.

The next day was a blast. Jeff made reservations at Tokyo Delve, a sushi bar, famous for their Sake Bombs, and theatrics as you eat. A fantastic time was had by all as we chugged our beer at marathon speeds, danced the chicken dance, and enjoyed some great food. We went bar hopping down Sunset After that, having a quick drink at the famous Whiskey where bands such as Mötley Crüe began their way to success. Thanks to the lovely Brett Wulfson, we ended up at a VIP after party at the Roxy, and ended the night with some pizza from the famous Frankie and Johnny's.

We said goodbye to LA, and headed to my most anticipated stop, San Diego, Califor
nia. Home to surfers, amazing weather, wildfires, and of course my sister, brother-in-law and my baby niece Autumn. For the first time this tour, i left the vicinity of the bus, and went to chill and have dinner with my family. It was a nice break to be away from everyone for a little while, and to see Autumn! She's gotten so big since 5 weeks old (last time i saw her) and she's smiling and trying to crawl and talk. Seriously, its totally awesome to have a niece. After dinner, i met up with everyone near Lestat's the venue that we would be playing at the following evening. I saw famous singer/songwriter Gregory Page, whom i know through my sister and had a chat with him, inviting him to the show.

Sunday afternoon, Jeff and Floyd did some surfing at OB, while i did some exploring, and we all finally indulged in the Mexican food we were all craving. We headed back to home base, and gathered everyone up for the gig, which we have been anticipating since the tour started.

Lestat's is a cool joint. A local 24 hour coffee house/music venue, it holds host to a vast array of characters that hang out both inside and out on the patio. Passersby linger outside the doorways to listen to new music, deciding to pay the cover or not based on what they hear. The night was opened for us by the talented Anna Troy, whom i had the distinct pleasure of chatting with later in the night. Hopefully we see more of Anna on the east coast this summer, hooking up for a few shows in the Northeast. Shortly before the set began i also had the pleasure of watching the 2007 Boston Red Sox win the World Series for the second time in 4 years. GO SOX! Jeff and the guys played a great, and very well received set at Lestat's and we are excited to return there again next time around.

Monday had arrived, and we headed to El Cajone, California, the home of Taylor Guitars. We were treated to a private tour of the factory, and got to see how these amazing guitars are constructed.
It was really fascinating to see the stages of the product, literly from planks of wood, all the way to finished guitar. We got to see their new line of electric guitars, not yet available to the public as well, which was a real treat (they are absolutely beautiful). At the end of the tour, we landed ourselves in a room of guitars that we could just play. This was especially cool for me, for a couple reasons. Reason Number one, is i got to play a Taylor 914ce. This particular model is the guitar that Dave Matthews plays, and iv always wanted to play one. Its a $6,000 guitar, and now i know why. It was so freaking cool to bust out some DMB licks on that thing, and almost heartbreaking when it was offered to me for a meer $2000 dollars. You dont know how badly i wanted to buy it. Reason Number two however, is because i did buy a guitar. Oh yeah. I got me a Taylor.

I'v wanted a Taylor for awhile now, and iv been amping myself up to just finally spend the money and get it. This was the perfect opportunity. By chance, the first guitar that was pulled out, was the one i fell in love with immediately. I'm not the proud owner of a 2007 Taylor 420ce Limited Edition Koa Dreadnought. It's absolutely gorgeous, i love it, and i know its not something im going to regret buying. I mean, come on.... look at that thing.

We left San Diego, and hightailed it for Phoenix, AZ. A bit of hilarity ensued. At one point, we couldnt figure out what time it was. Now... when you hear about something like this, your inclined to laugh, and poke some fun at those who are in the predicament, thinking, how could they not know the time. But seriously...we had no idea. 8 people on the bus, everyone's cell phone changing to different times...we didnt know if it was quarter to midnight, or quarter to one. It finally took me logging on to Greenwich Mean time on the net to determine that while the rest of Mountain Standard Time was at quarter to 1, Phoenix did not observe daylight savings, and therefore it was quarter to 12. Glad that was cleared up.

I awoke at 4:50am and trudged out to the lobby of a Red Roof Inn to rent a room for 6 hours. The guys would be appearing on Good Morning Arizona this morning, and needed a shower to look dapper. We had a great television performance, and after catching up on a bit of sleep, and getting a little sushi in our stomaches, we made our way to The Red Owl, in Tempe for our gig.

2E+BLB played one of the best sets iv heard them play tonight, and Tempe, AZ loved us on a Tuesday night. We've loaded up the bus once again, and we are on our way to Taos, NM where the temperature is half of what it is in Phoenix. We'll be blowing the dust off our space heater in no time.

This may sound odd, but im really psyched that its a 10+ hour drive to Taos... im so used to long drives, that in a way they are comforting. They allow everyone a chance to chill and relax. There is nothing we can do but sit and drive, and maybe do a little internet work or makes some phone calls. We know it will be hours before we have to unload and play a show, we can catch up on sleep, or personal matters. We listen to music, joke around, watch movies, and just take in the road. There something to that... maybe you have to be on tour to appreciate it.

Speaking of catching up on sleep.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Weekend in the Pacific Northwest..

So we barreled on thru to Seattle, WA.

I awoke for the 3rd time on Tuesday (long story) and stumbled out into the front lounge of the bus and a truly amazing thing happened. In the about 6 seconds i looked around...with no road signs, or distinguishing landscape features, i knew exactly where we were in Washington State.... my favorite place in the US so far.... The Gorge. I excitedly told Tim our driver to pull over at exit 139, and we got out to take some pictures at the scenic overlook that im oh so familiar with. It was pretty awesome to be there not during DMB tour season, with non-DMB people. Not to mention it felt pretty awesome recognize where we were, having only been out there 4 times in my life. After about a half hour, we continued in to Seattle.

We arrived on a be-a-u-tiful day, and met up with my cousin Paul who was kind enough to let us mooch a couple showers off of his awesome apartment in the sky. After some Thai food, we hit up the venue and 2E+BLB (thats Tuohy plus Bush League Band from now on) played a great show at the Central Saloon.

The Central is a great bar with a rich history...bands like Nirvana and Alice and Chains have graced their stage, and it was a real honor to rock the house in there. It was also one of our biggest merch nights ever...selling CDs and T-shirts to more than a quarter of the crowd.

Our gigs have just been getting better and better, both in quality and crowd. No matter how many people the guys play to, by the end, everyone is out of their seat cheering and dancing and wanting more.

We stuck around in Seattle that night and woke to rain (the true Seattle experience). After some quick showers at a friends place, and of course a bit stop at Starbucks, we said goodbye to the Grunge capital of the world and hit the road for Portland, OR.

Portland was a much anticipated town for me, iv heard nothing but great things about the city, its nightlife, and its music scene, and i must say i was not disappointed. Just driving in and looking at the skyline, i knew it was the kinda place i could definitely adding it to my short list of places i want to relocate to within the next 2 years.

We opened the show for Singer/Songwriter Debra Arlyn who kicked some major ass at the Buffalo Gap. Debra and Jeff sang a couple tunes together to boot which really turned out to be some crowd-pleasers. When y'all get a chance, make sure you check out her music, its a great big thumbs up from me. We had to duck out early as we have a massive 15 hour trip to Los Angeles ahead of us. We are both psyched and nervous for our show tomorrow night at The Gig-Hollywood. It's gonna be a hell of a show.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Jeff almost walked into a geyser...

Wyoming is gorgeous. plain and simple.

i realize that most of the people that i'll know in my lifetime probably will not have ever had the pleasure of driving through the great state of Wyoming in the fall. Its landscape is something to really marvel. Massive sweeping plains, canyons, ridges, plateaus. We saw cowboys, mines, and an amazing amount of wildlife just chilling by the side of the road.

I woke up to a chilly bus yesterday. The bus has no heat, save the ceramic space heater we bought from walmart, so the day was spent in our sweatshirts, knit hats, and long pants. I made the call to take the "scenic route" to Moscow, ID. Rather than skirt around on major highways, we decided to take some smaller roads that would set us straight through Yellowstone National Park. Going through these small towns was a real trip, life is slower. We walked through one of the towns to have locals literally slow down their cars and gawk at us. We must have looked pretty out of place, and out of our environment.

Fun Moment for me: Seeing a marker for the Oregon Trail. I have died of dysentery!!! haha!

We had a bit of a tense moment when we passed a few signs warning us that the one road we could take thru the park would be closed, and we would potentially be backtracking about 6 hours.... but luck was on our side, and we cruised through Yellowstone at nightfall, where i had the distinct pleasure of spotting not only elk, but a wolf!

At around 10:45pm MST we began to see signs for Old Faithful, and by 11:00 we were standing at the mouth of the "thermal zone" freezing our asses off, but in awe of where we were. We waited nearly an hour on the dot, and then we were treated to its explosion, visible only be the moonlight, and its silhouette on the horizon. We all stayed perfectly silent, listening to it experience that i bet few get to have when seeing the attraction with large crowds of people.

I write you now from the front lounge, rather than my usual rack. I woke up before anyone else, so im sitting up here with Izzy, Jeff's dog, just watching Montana go by (i'm fairly sure i witnessed a stamped a moment ago.) I've come to like these periods of pure travel, its a welcome break from night after night of gigging. Tonight will be our last gig before the west coast run, which im greatly looking forward to, not only for its awesome shows, but because of all the friends that ill get to see.

I made a wish on the most incredible shooting star that i have ever witnessed last night waiting for old faithful to go off, ill keep you posted.

Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed.


PS. The sox are going to the World Series... life is sweet.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Intentions are not wicked, don't be tricked into thinking so.

Life on the road is not for everyone. Its something that is not easy to adjust to, and not easy to do for long periods of time. The hours are crazy, the stress is high, its fast, furious, and can take its toll. At the same time, this is a life that fits some people like a glove, they live it, they love it. For me, life on the road thus far as been like OJ's glove... it looked like it didn't fit, but come on.... we all know.

This tour would be a lot harder on everyone if we didnt have this tour bus. While its only 40 feet long, that goes a long way in being able to be in a different area than other people. The bunks however is where it really pays. This tour has been a tough one for me, as i have a lot on my plate and my mind. I come to my bunk, and shut my blackout shade to be alone. When i dont want the world to see me, i can retreat. This privacy can be a godsend, but also can be a way to stew in the thoughts that made you want to be alone in the first place and drive you crazy. Its a balance that i havent quite found yet. Until i do, i guess, ill just keep coming here to be alone with my thoughts, whether they drive me nuts or not.

Yesterday was a pretty cool day. We drove up into the Rockies ...literally. You know those long winding, zig-zag roads you see in the movies that get higher and higher to snow capped peaks, and breath-taking hillsides? Well thats what we did on our way to Winter Park, CO. Every few miles or so, we would pull over to let our bus cool down as it was overheating on its strenuous climb. Winter Park is a cool little town. We instantly knew the room we were playing would be a fun show. It was a perfect atmosphere to let Tuohy unleash his magic. Upon disembarking from the bus, i threw a snowball at Brett, which was a kick to do mid-October and as i mused at this i did not see the retaliation snowball coming...

We were down our bassist Floyd that night and Jeremy, our guitarist stepped in and played some bass grooves as Jeff rocked the mic hard. The show was a roaring success with people proclaiming that we were the best band that had ever played there. of course we were.... we're Jeff Tuohy and the Bush League band...we're taking over the world.

I awoke this morning to my ears popping every 10 minutes as we descended back into Denver. Best topic of conversation on the bus today: i quizzed everyone to see if they could name all 14 punctuation marks in the English language... as a group they got 13... impressive (braces, if your wondering.) We did a few errands before making out way to the Highland Pacific, a little bar where we played a bit of a stripped down acoustic set.

Right before the show Brett asked me what my coolest vacation was, and i recanted my first trip to the Gorge in Washington... it made me feel good talking about that really changed my life, and i loved telling her about all the great things that happened, and the way it changed my perspective on everything. I think fondly of that trip often, but rarely ever talk about it to anyone.

Currently we are heading to Moscow, ID...where i expect they take their potatoes seriously, and would not respond kindly to any french fry jokes. We make this journey via Yellowstone National Park, which frankly im shitting Frisbees to see. I'll leave you all now so that i can fall asleep to the hum of the generator, the sound of wind whipping around the bus...rain on the roof (i love the sound of rain) and the numerous bumps of the road of which i have so quickly adapted that they now put me to sleep just as fast as if we wern't moving at all. Life on the road, its like no other.

not all who wander are lost.

Friday, October 19, 2007

flatter than a Kansas Cornfield.

Well, we made it.

28 hours later, we have arrived in the Mile High City, to chilly temperature, wrong venue addresses and Quixote's True Blue. This is Greatful Dead bar. When i say Greatful Dead bar i mean, seriously.... the only music playing over the house system is the Dead...they have hundreds of Dead posters, backstage passes, photos, drawings, ....everything...all over. its nuts. The stage even has a rug donning the giant lighting bolt, and they have a Dead beer on tap.

We did not play any Dead tunes however, we stuck with our own stuff, and left them wanting more. Aesop Rock played next door to us, and a bunch of the gang had the chance to poke their heads in and check out that show as well.

Earlier in the day the bush league band and myself were able to witness Brett and Jeff try to sprint to the horizon through a cactus field, wind conditions that were just plain silly (causing Tuohy to remark 'if i was wet and naked, id be really pissed off right now'), a tractor trailer truck on stilts, and of course the flattest land that lasts forever you can ever imagine.

We'll be in the Denver area for the next couple days, then we head to Idaho. While the locals think its 2am... my body is convinced its 5... i'm crashing.. Buona notte

Thursday, October 18, 2007

i woke up in Illinois

It's a rare early blog entry. Today has been a travel day. Usually you see my blog updates coming in the wee hours because i write them after gigs, before bed. We left Atlanta last nite, and i woke up almost 12 hours later in Illinois. We've been on the move all day trying to reach Colorado by nightfall tomorrow. Everyone is in the front lounge watching a documentary on the Dandy in a bit of a mood again, and didnt want to drag anyone else into it.

The best part of the day has been our return to St. Louis!! Amber was waiting for us jumping for excitment in the parking lot. We filled our bellies up with Panera, got an awesome shower, and have been back on the road ever since. Fun Fact: i haven't used the bathroom on the bus in days. i am not contributing to the black water tank at no one look at me when it starts to get narsty.

Not a whole lot else to report. I'll let you know how the snow is in Denver.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Atlanta: Home to gorgeous women. no shit.

We played a pretty awesome room tonight at Smith's Olde Bar. It's upstairs lounge caters to full bands, and we rocked their socks of on 4 for 5 night. We met a fellow touring band from Boston who is interested in shacking up with us on a future tour of the US and Europe early next year. Very Exciting. With our impending haul to the next venue in front of us, the guys decided this would be an opportune night to sit back, and enjoy the rest of the bands, while at the same time feeding their livers to their hearts content. Safe to say, a good time was had by all, and the venue loved us.

My good buddy Michael made it out to the show tonight. I haven't seen him since about September '06. I love meeting up with friends that live in far away cities from me, it feels so unique out of place in a good way.

We packed up our gear at the end of the night and boarded the bus. We have to drive from Atlanta to Denver, Colorado by Thursday night. 1400 miles. Serendipitously (points for that word?) we pass straight thru St. Louis, so hopefully we get to say a quick hello to Amber, our favorite St Louian.. St. Louian? St Louisite?

Interesting tidbit of leg 2: Only one cover song so far.. Bill Withers' "Use Me."

Mobile internet is the shit.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Strange the paths on which we tread.

Our travels led us tonight to Raleigh, NC...

We blanketed the college town with over 500 fliers advertising our show, handing them out to people in local shops, coffee houses, and most of NC State. The guys played a tight show, and now were headed off to Atlanta. I don't feel much like writing tonight, so short update is all i have in me. sorry yall.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Down Time with Ruben

We had the day off today.

We spent the afternoon in C'ville again. I finally got to stand in the famous Miller's, where Dave Matthews began playing guitar while bartending and bought a shirt as a souvenir. We walked all the way down to the C'Ville arena and wrote on the chalk graffiti wall that stands outside the entrance. After some food, we headed back to the bus with intentions of heading to Raleigh, NC. Our bus has been having some trouble with a leaky radiator hose, and about 4 hours into the trip, we began to have a little more trouble with it than we liked, so now we are camped at a truck stop waiting till 7am when they will be able to fix our truck.

I've been in a bit of a lousy mood all day for no obvious reason. I'm looking to push my mind thru some crap so i can get out of this weird mood. For the most part today, i confined myself to my bunk and did some work on my laptop, listened to some music, and mostly just lay down and pondered things. It was actually some good me time i suppose, whether or not i got anywhere.

A short while ago, at the truck stop we saw another tour bus pull in, and came to discover it was part of the traveling American Idol tour, and Ruben Studdard was on board. He came over and gave us a quick hello before embarking back on the road, and for that i put into the world that he seems like a genuinely nice guy.

I think ill either watch some West Wing, or go right to sleep... 7am is going to come mighty early.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

2E = Freedom

We've had a rad couple of days. We headed over to Louisa, VA to play Twin Oaks, which is a Hippie Commune in the middle of Nowheresville. This group of people are a community that shares everything from money, to clothes, to vehicles. They live as their own egalitarian society, working the same amount of hours each week, and all making the same money. It was an awesome place, and they couldnt have welcomed us better or been more friendly and hospitable. We hope to return very soon.

We had quite a set at twin oaks as well. Midway thru the second half of the night, the power grid failed and the whole commune went into a full out blackout! This led to an impromtu drum session. I held flashlights on Jeff as he grabbed a djembe, while Donny and Floyd started adding rhythm from the kit. A set of congas was brought out and the dance party in the dark commenced for some time. 2E then finished up the night with a candle/flashlight lit acoustic set.

We said out goodbyes, and hit the road. Tim, our driver sucessfully repaired the radiator hose that broke, and Omer, Donny, Jeff, Brett, and myself sat in the front and had an intelligent discussion involving the shard of wood Omer found in his Snickers bar, fried food, and of course, poop. We headed to one of my most anticipated stops on the tour Charlottesville, VA. This holds a special place in my heart as most of you know to me, because this is where the Dave Matthews Band got their start. We rolled into town early and grabbed some food, and did some chillin in the outdoor mall, and then Jeff and Jeremy did an acoustic set outside at Maya, a local restaurant. Good day...we'll spend the morning in C'ville tomorrow, then head out to Raleigh.

Theres a bit of an after-party on the bus, so im gonna go hang out...even tho im a little pissed the red sox lost tonight. bummer.

Friday, October 12, 2007

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.... well...

Not today...

It poured for most of the day as we kick off the 2nd leg of our tour. I'm so tired right now that i just misspelled "kick" 3 times. I havent sleep in about 2 days trying to get everything together to leave for today, and its been a long week on top of that getting some business done for the upcoming rest of the tour.

As you can see i'm now blogging in real time courtesy of our new Verizon Mobile Broadband internet card. now were high speed surfing right from the tour bus...fancy schmancy.

The coolest part of the week so far was heading over to Channel 8 News and watching Jeff get interviewed and sing "Knock On Wood."

It was pretty awesome being in the TV studio as they did the news, and we got a lot of messages and comments on MySpace from people who caught it. Very Fun.

We played Philly tonight, and i had a genuine Philly Cheesesteak. It was only my second time in Philadelphia, and it was fun. Grape Street is a pretty awesome venue, and we hope to return again soon. I'd like to keep filling you in, but im afraid my eye lids have begun to rebel and refuse to cooperate with my will to stay awake. goodnight moon.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Goodbye Baby.

We couldnt have been more sad to leave our dear friends in St. Louis last night. Amber, Roger, Tim, all the guys from the Schwag, Ciceros, and Park, we are gonna miss you guys.

The day started out with yet another encounter with Local police waking me up and tellign me (albeit extremely nicely) that we would have to be moving our bus soon. We headed back downtown and Brett and I headed over to Panera, our now usual Wifi location. This is where i discovered that we had been chosen as a Featured Artist by Reverb Nation. Brett went off an got her hair cut in this killer new style, all in all, some great work got done.

Park West Grille was a fun last night on the town. We set up our full PA, and had some stellar sound for an amazing two hour set that included some tunes we hadn't heard before, some extended jams, bartender Tim guesting on Harmonica to an impromptu cover of Sex Machine. The whole gang at Park West was so hospitable to us all, and we had an fantastic time. We somberly said our goodbyes to all, and loaded on the bus, only to wake up in Louisville, KY.

We were fortunate that the Walmart that we parked in for the night in Louisville was right next to a Panera, and we had internet on the bus itself for most of the day today. We rolled down to the Local YMCA where i convinced them to let us all shower for free instead of everyone springing for a room at the Holiday Inn.

From there we headed over to The Phoenix Hill Tavern. Man, what a cool room. It was audition night, where basically your being watched by the staff of the bar, and they decided if they want you to come back for a full out show...and of course, we had them at hello. The bar is pretty rad in and of itself. It was a genuine old fashioned 1800's saloon back in the day, and now it has all these cool spaces for shows. We are looking forward to returning and playing a packed show. We're finally all loaded on the bus now and out for our 10 hour drive to Washington, DC, and then back home for a few days of rest. Its after 4am, so... night all.

Number of States Visited: 4
Brett blackout shade slams: 7
Bryan blackout shade slams: 3

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blogity Blog

St. Louis is awesome. Seriously. Awesome. Cicero’s has been our smallest, but best crowd yet. Jeff and guys played probably the best set they have ever played as band. They were tight, the set list was solid. Brilliant. The day started off right. I woke up and was literally in a walmart 5 minutes later shopping. I bought some essentials, some food, and some shit for the bus, and we were off. We headed right downtown where we hunted for Wifi. We eventually settled at St. Louis Bread Company, which is really just a Panera in disguise. Brett and I were there all day using the Wifi, while the rest of the band did some wandering. We ran in to Amber who we met at Schwagstock, and she hooked us up with not only some free grub, but also a shower.

I sent our driver Tim on a search for a dump station and some maintenance for the bus. 1 out of 2 got done, but the important one, the dumping thank god took the priority. It was discovered on this venture that the sewage had overflowed and that is why the front lounge has this awful ammonia and piss smell to it. We’ll have to take care of that tomorrow. We hit up a radio interview in the afternoon, then opening for the Swag later on here in St. Louie. The guys should be back any minute from the bar to wake me and Brett up, so I better settle in.

Peace and Love in St. Lou.

States Visited: 3
Times Brett has slammed her blackout shade on me: 7

Monday, October 01, 2007

On to St. Louis

Today was our day off and we spent it at Schwagstock. About an hour ago we crossed back over to the land of cell phone service and all discovered that we had about 10 voicemails, and a bountiful amount of text messages from friends and loved ones wondering where in gods name we were all weekend. It was a pretty sweet day, we just hung out…ate good food, and hung out by the creek. While there we were visited by a mermaid, also known as a fully naked hippie chick that just waded over to us and gave Brett some flowers for her hair. While Brett and Donny swam, Jeremy and I started skipping rocks on the creek. They have some amazing rocks by the water, unlike rocks we have on the east. They are shale, or porous. Brett found an arrowhead, that probably hasn’t been seen in hundreds of years and was last touched by a an Indian hunting. The night stayed very warm, and we enjoyed a special acoustic show from some of the performers that hung around.

Oh. Jeff lost his bet to me. On Thursday we bet that he couldn’t eat exclusively healthy food for a whole week. He tossed back some bacon today, so I win 20 bucks. We’re on our way to St. Louis for 2 shows. Should have some wifi tomorrow, so all three of these blogs will get posted at once. Brett is now antagonizing me because I can’t guess what song she’s listening to on her iPod. I know what song ill be listening to in a minute though, my glorious white noise track. I seem to be getting the best nights sleep on this bus. No complains here. G’Night.

States Visited: 3
Times Brett has slamed her blackout curtain on me: 5
Times I’v slammed it on her: 1